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Scott Ellison

Nickname: badbeard

More About Scott

Hi you wiley PPPG'ers. It's me, Scott Ellison. I'm the 'Norm' of the PPPG. I simply walk in to a room and everyone turns to say"SCOOOTTT". I am mostly known for my adverse T shirt collection, my bodily functions, my overuse of the term literally, and my mad dancing skills. (No, seriously, I have some rhythm). I'm also the one with a wife who wears daring red lipstick, the absolute most amazing neighbors literally, and a gamblin' man. I'm considering a side profession as a bartender if this whole 'own my own business' thing doesn't pan out. I used to be known as badbeard in the online poker world. But now that 'the man' decided that was a no no, I have been playing with the neighborhood kids betting with M & M's and Whoppers. Those 6 year olds have helped me learn to fold more and play tighter. Ok, so that's a lie but the truth is I will play with anyone anywhere. You come a calling and I'll come a runnin'. Last year, you'd find me at the bottom of the leader board, but this year, not so much. Have I improved? Probably not, you've just gotten worse. I've played at the WSOP, Heartland, and every other casino but the best time to be had is with the PPPG. Bring on Vegas, bring on the WSOP, and bring on the stripper pole.