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Richard Blum

Nickname: Snake $

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Location: peyton, CO

Email: rblum@ssfcu.org

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money report

Submitted On: 05/02/2017

Just want to say good luck to all in the finale. May the cards forever be in your favor. 

The Money Report

Submitted On: 04/10/2017

What is a donkey? 

By poker definition a donkey is a bad player who makes blatantly bad plays. A weak player. 

So, how does the pikes peak poker gang define a donkey? 

can anyone be a donkey? 

I say we are all including the guys who make a living doing it. 

My theory is that situation dictates if you are the donkey or the one calling someone a donkey. Winning or losing a hand plays the most significant roll IMO. 

There are an infinite number of ways to be a donkey or being the one who calls someone a donkey. I will try to define two scenarios. Remember, while reading, I barely passed anything in HS OR COLLEGE. 

 Sometimes you accidentally become one. You raise with a good pair , someone calls with what was a "marginal" hand and as the cards keep turning you realize you are beat, but your mind and the two real nice cards you have keep making your hands reach for more chips. Next thing you know you are on the rail questioning your play as everyone still at the table is going WTF! Asking themselves why did the person with a so-so hand call pre flop and then why did you keep betting?Who is the donkey in this situation? Both? Maybe. Even the pro's make bad decisions that cost them their stacks. We have all seen phil helmuth make a call that made him go all "phil". 

What if you bluff someone off a pot and they think you are donkey cause they wouldn't have made the same play? Who is the donkey I ask? Are you the donkey because the person folded and you made a bet with nothing? Or is the other person because you made a play at a hand and they folded? i can say I never felt like a donkey after winning a pot that someone folded to me. However, we all have gone "phil" on someone for outsmarting us. IMO, a bluff is defined by outsmarting, outplaying your opponent. Sometimes it's all you got. Unfortunately, when it doesn't work, you may look like a donkey, and from experience, you WILL feel like one,  so be carefu

What if you just get lucky all night? I say no, not ever. luck is the piece we are all looking for, you must get lucky at some point in a tourney to win it . She is elusive and when she does come , ride her like it's your last night on earth. those HATERS calling you a donkey are only mad that you are on a heater and they aren't. 

in conclusion, I would like to say , poker is a hard game , play your game , play the situation and smile while you are racking in your donkey chips! 

Your 2013/2016 FINALE champ( for 3 more weeks or so?) 



How would you play this hand? Your donkey opinion is wanted. 

You have J10 suited hearts from the big blind. Blinds are 100/200. You have 4K in chips.   You are up against 2 players who "limped". One is two too your left( 1500 in chips, tight player)  and the button(6k in chips, likes to be aggressive, Cards don't matter) 

Flop is J spades,  8 hearts and 7 diamonds.  You bet 300, middle calls, button raises to 1200. 

Look forward to reading your answers. 

Next, a PODCAST!

Submitted On: 01/27/2017

Now that we are all bloggers we can now start a podcast!  

Getting to far ahead of myself? Maybe. 

The Money Report

Submitted On: 01/20/2017

The goal of this blog is to inspire questions and answers to help each of us find better perspective and hopefully fun when it comes to poker. Side note , the author has no perspective and hates fun.

Is it easier to sub or play for yourself?

I have found that both can be very stressful. But subbing definitely adds some elements that I didn't anticipate. If you are playing for someone else do you make your normal plays ? Do you raise with nothing? Do you fold a mid pair with a 4 times the blind bet in front of you? Do I just play like myself? For me , the last question is the answer. It seems so obvious and so easy to do, but we all may be left with that feeling of a dreaded double let down when we don't do well while subbing. I have learned over trial an error this past season to just be myself and play carefree when subbing. as sub , remember that the person who asked you is a friend , they at least kind of trust your skills and they couldn't be there so anything you do is better than their ghost could have done. Plus, it's really your only opportunity to "play with house money" so take advantage and kick ass!

What is your perspective? How have you faired while subbing?

How do you play pocket queens?

Depends on position, chip stack, how many bets in front and behind right? Does anyone really know? Phil hellmuth says get your money in!! My internet instincts say proceed with caution. However, For our discussion , let's say you are at the final table in a $200NL event at the Rio, there are 8 players left,  you are 4th in chips(65k) just over chip average and second to act, pre flop blinds are 1500/3000. What is your bet? What do you do if the big stack re raises you all in?

Thanks for reading,
Snake Money
2014 donkey of the year
2015 finale champion
2016 sub of the year ? is there a trophy for that ? Please say yes!!

P.S -- Tara said there are 500 additional chips next league night for all that answer the questions in the blog!!


Submitted On: 11/18/2015

2014 -15 poker goals

Submitted On: 09/22/2014

thanks ken buck

Submitted On: 04/14/2014

2013-2014 goals and thoughts and thank you's

Submitted On: 08/07/2013