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Greg Mahoney

Nickname: BampChailey

Member Information

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Email: greg.mahoney@gmail.com

Member Twitter Account @Greg_Mahoney


Favorite Beverage: Mynt Mojitos, CableCar from the Bellagio, BEER.

Favorite Place to Play: WSOP!!!

Favorite PPPG Player to play against: Anyone with a PPPG shirt on.

Biggest Poker Rival: That darn Amy Ellison....she has my number everytime!

Next Adventure: PPPG Party Las Vegas 2016 and taking my PPPG 1st place/final tournament to the WSOP!


Why I love Vegas in June

Submitted On: 05/30/2017

I read Tara's blog over the weekend and took a bit of time to ponder why I love Vegas in June. There are many things that make our annual trek a great time, but I was able to narrow this list down to my three favorite things. Here we go.....


Number Three: The hidden spots with friends.
This whole PPPG adventure started with a trip to the VooDoo lounge, and is still one of my favorite spots to hit. Since then, the list and experiences have grown.  Cable Cars at the Piano Bar, Mojitos at the drink stand, games at the Golden Spike, Scorpion shots at Nacho Daddy's and having drinks at the pool bar at the Downtown Grand. Each year brings a new place to add to this list, and I always look forward to the new adventure.

Number Two: Oh....the stories!
Seems like each year brings forth a new member to the "Oh no he/she didn't!" club. I can write an entire blog on the pool stories...most of which you all already know. But who can forget the prostitute who lost her false teeth right in front of us at the Rio, or getting Shutters home after Nacho Daddy's. Believe me, I have my own shit-show experiences...more than I can remember. But my all time favorite is Sean P. dropping his drawers at dinner on Fathers Day at the Bellagio....holy crap! I know with full certainty that as I get on the plane, I will be coming home with a great story about one of you....and that will make this years trip memorable. (Carlisle, I am looking in your direction buddy. )

Number One: WSOP
Lets be frank....we are poker nerds. We are! Thats why we have been playing the same game for the last ten years. I know that the excitement of making the long trek down the hall way at the Rio to the WSOP is not as exciting as it once was. But it is still exciting. We share something with all of those other dirty, ipod listing, lame bad-beat story telling bums that make up the congregation of attendees at the WSOP. Its the magic....its the small thought that maybe this will be my day to win something big. When I have a seat assignment, I hold it like a freaking "Golden Ticket" to Willy Wonka's acid trip factory. Its a chance. Its an opportunity. Its a priviledge. 

In Tara's tradition, keep this conversation going. My bags are packed, tickets are bought....let the fun begin my friends!

Takin' your beatin'

Submitted On: 01/24/2017

So now that we are on a roll with blog posts...let me jump in, because the water is warm.

For Rich,

Sub or Play for yourself?
Points seem to dictate the importance of how I play, so I seem to play tighter if I am playing for myself. So yes, I would be a shitty choice if you need a sub. There just seems to be less stress to sub - I am unaware of how the person that I sub for would play potential hands, so it just seems that my table presence is different. Subbing usually means that I am playing against players who I usually do not have a change to play against. In that regard, I might start out a bit tight...just to get a feel for the table.

How do you play pocket Q's?
Always with a semi-large bet or call a semi-large bettor. Position dictates a majority of my action with QQ, JJ, 10 10. These hands are scary for me to open betting with...not knowing what the rest of the table will do. In general, I like to remove all but 2/3 players pre-flop. The question to your question is this, can you lay down QQ pre-flop to a huge re-raise?

And so it begins!

Submitted On: 08/02/2016

Tis the season.

All of the summer trips have been made, yard work completed and breezy summer nights enjoyed. Check, check and check. As with the falling of the leaves, getting kids ready for the start of school and the beloved Broncos returning to training camp, I find myself longing for poker league. How about you?

Although last year was not a banner year for good ole Greg, here is a list of things that I am actually looking forward to.

1. Raising with my A/Q, only to get a call from Scott E. Then when he beats me up with is 4/7 off, he lets me know the he always knows when I have A/Q. Bastard!

2. Chris Shutters turtle card guard...come on people, its the little things!

3. Feeling sorry for the poor sap who has to be my partner on team night.

4. The nightly exclamation of "Gold Coast Rules!". Someone is always good for throwing that one out.

5. The Taco Bell 10 pack of tacos, or Gary bringing Popeye's chicken strips.

6. Filling the old beer fridge on Saturday morning with all of the cast offs from Friday night league.

7. Raking in a huge pot full of < insert your name>'s chips

8. Pre-poker happy hour.

9. Noise...damn, you people are loud!

10. The fact that as we come into our 10th year of league play, we all generally like each other. That was kind of the whole point, right?

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