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Cary Nakayama

Nickname: Ck

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Location: Colorado springs, CO


My favorite thing to do is golf… on second thought a couple of things come to mind. My favorite foursome would include my daughter, Paula Creamer, and Phil Mickelson with Kate Beckinsale as my caddy.

- Weird fact… I have a putter fettish. I like putters like women like shoes (or maybe it’s I like women who like shoes and putters).
- My favorite thing about poker is… chasing down the big stack.
- My least favorite thing about poker is… talking to people, and people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom (you know who you are).
- My favorite starting hand is suited connectors… crap I shouldn’t have said that.
- My least favorite hand is… someone else’s ace rag against my pair kings
- My greatest weakness other than kryptonite is… a hormonal table (you know who you are)
- Other hobbies are… volleyball, basketball, and mowing the lawn (no one talks to me when I’m mowing the lawn).