PPPG Leagues

Pikes Peak Poker Gang Leagues

The Pikes Peak Poker Gang has hosted an annual poker league since 2008, starting with a single league of 20 players. Over the previous years, we have expanded to two leagues, that play bi-weekly from mid-August through our final tournament night in mid-May.

When does the PPPG Play?

Each league has an established schedule of events, and play on either Friday or Saturday nights (Bi-weekly) throughout the league year.

How are your leagues setup?

Players accumulate points throughout the league season on how they finish. Players can earn bonus points based upon each leagues bonus point system. As an example, bounty points are awarded for taking other players out, or winning with 7/2. Each league has a different bonus point system, which adds to a greater variety of play.

How do you determine a winner?

The overall season point leader will receive a prize determined by the individual league. Player points are converted to chips for the final league night, where players will play down to a single winner. The top 4 players on the final league night will win prizes and World Series of Poker event seats (not the main event).

I want to join a PPPG league?

Currently, both leagues are full and have ended. If you are interested in joining, check back in early August for further information. You will be able to either contact the tournament director about availability, or to be placed on our Sub List.

What is a Sub List?

Sometimes active players cannot play in a league night, in which they need a sub to sit in for them. Your name will be added to the sub contact list, in which the active player will contact you to play for them.