PPPG Leagues

Pikes Peak Poker Completed League Results

Note Below is the listing of PPPG league players and how they finished.

Table Number: 1

0Ron Becker10
0Roberto Rodriguez80
0Sean Pearson60
0Amy Ellison40
0Ken Buck20
0Lori Ray70
0Stacy Fritts50
0Jen Dillie30

Table Number: 2

0Greg Mahoney70
0Lance Cunico30
0Brian Bridgeford10
0Shawn Thornock80
0Tara Mahoney60
0Clint Dillie40
0Jim Hines50
0Joe Bush20

Table Number: 3

0Dee Buck10
0George McGriff60
0Chris Shutters80
0Mark Santos70
0Gary Buck20
0Christopher Carlisle30
0Michael McDevitt50
0Scott Ellison40